Zain Asssassin
Zain Assassin

When we work Apis testing on Postman, there we need to refresh access tokens to our variables.!, because after few time Token has Expired.!

So how can we auto assign new Token to Variable and we just call login api which will response Token, and then automaically assign to variables.!

Here is commn steps to follow.!

First get Some Knowladge about variables.!

in Postman there are three variable spaces,

1: Global (Accessable from everywhere)

2: Envoirnment (I dont know about it :)

3: Collection (Its Available just in Collection mean just in Current api folder)

How to set response to variable.!

First of all create variables in Collection variable area, lets Follow me.!

Step 1:



Toseef Ahmad

Toseef Ahmad

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