All About How To Configure SSH Key In Git, And What is SSH.!

We need to create keys, But wait…. what is this mean.
SSH works on Keys, mean SSH created two keys 1: public, 2: private.
Private key cliend save itself, and public key send to server or other computer which want to connect. and then we try to connect other computer.

$ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C ""

Oops.! there is not file with name “toseef”.!

one more thing, we created keys now we need someone who take care of our keys and who encrypt and decrypt our data against these keys, there is a tool called OpenSSH(in windows), 
openssh provides agent for working with our keys.
first of all we need to start Useragent “ eval “$(ssh-agent -s)
By using this command our ssh-agent is working now and its ready to take care of our keys, lets add our keys to ssh-agent by using this command.
“ ssh-add ‘keyname’ ”

Congratulations you completed github SSH configration.

But wait…. do you know how to clone private repo.!

Ok lets GoodBy… You have learned how to configure github and what is SSH



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